Chafing Gear


Sail Amsterdam 2015 is over, the Gotheborg is sailing on to Dover, what do we do between watches? We build a Loom of course !

We made a Heddle and a Sword Beater, then using some eight sided Oak, a couple of blocks, some shackles and old Hemp ropes, we made ourselves a working loom on the Gun deck to create some bespoke Chafing Gear. Just a coat or two of ships tar and the Chafing gear is ready to use.

The idea for the Loom came from our Bosun, Woody Wiest. Construction, operation and production by Ron Groenestein, Richard Sibley and Mikaela Boltenstern.

And of course the rest of the crew went on to produce even more fabulous and exotic chafing gear during the trip, as in the tradition of the seafarers of old, the officers kept the crew very busy….

“six days shalt thou labor and do all thou art able.  And on the seventh – Holystone the decks and scrape the cable”
Richard Henry Dana