The Lost Art of the Ships Carver

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A Lion Figurehead for L’Hermione

In Rochefort on the banks of the Charente an extraordinary project is nearing completion, the reconstruction of Major General La […]

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The Remaking of the Figurehead from the Brig Samaritan (1846) The figurehead is believed to have come from the brig […]

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Ship Decoration 1630 – 1780

A major new work by Ships Carver Andy Peters. This book is a detailed comparative study of the decorative work – figurehead, […]

HMS Chesapeake 1855,maritima woodcarving,andy peters,figurehead, ships figurehead,historic sailing ship

HMS Chesapeake 1855

“And at the bows an image stood by a cunning artist carved in wood” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) Like a […]

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Fortuna – Roman Goddess

A new carving from the workshop of Andy Peters A personal piece that Andy has altered to represent the Roman goddess ‘Fortuna’ . The […]

Andy Peters,Maritima Wood Carving,HMS Arethusa 1849

HMS Arethusa 1849

HMS Arethusa (originally posted February 2012) It was February 1st, a freezing cold day as I arrived at Maritima on […]

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Lord Nelson

On a recent visit to the Maritima workshop I found Andy busy working on a bust of Lord Nelson that […]


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