The cover picture shows the Belem leaving Barcelona in 2013


Launched in Nantes on the 10th June 1896, Belem served as a French merchant ship transporting rum and sugar cane as well as cargoes of cocoa beans from the Amazon to France for the famous chocolatier Menier. She was sold in 1914 and until 1921 served as a British luxury yacht for the duke of Westminster before passing into the hands of Sir Arthur Ernest Guinness who renamed her Fantome ll.

The ship was laid up in the UK during the war years and In 1951 she was acquired by Vittorio Cini an Italian captain of industry, renamed Giorgio Cini and served as a training ship for the Centro Marinaro and the Istituto Scilla.

In 1979 she was returned to France by the Caisse d’Epargne who created the Foundation Belem, her original name “Belem” was restored and she now serves as a French sail training ship.

Port of registration
Nantes, France

Rig:  3 Masted Barque
LOA:  58m
LWL:  48m
Beam:  9m
Height:  34m
Depth:  3.6m
Sail Area: 1200sqm


Richard Sibley

Photographer with a passion for photographing tall ships and traditional sailing boats

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