Turku to Klaipeda

The Cover shot shows a class B start with Constantia, Astrid Finne and Jacob Meindert crossing the start line

Turku is the oldest city in Finland and the final resting place of the 1902 French built full rigger “Suomen Juotsen”, (literally “Swan of Finland”), now a museum ship. After a nights rest offshore, courtesy of a Finnish Minesweeper, we arose to blues skies and sunshine for the start of the 2009 Turku – Klaipeda tall ships race. There are some interesting shots with a great collection of ‘Class B” vessels, including Seute Deern, Maybe (rigged as a Ketch), Constantia, Pegasus and the lovely Astrid Finne. As the fleet get under way they are headed for Klaipeda, Lithuania. A journey of around 300 nautical miles.

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Richard Sibley

Photographer with a passion for photographing tall ships and traditional sailing boats

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