Halve Maen

A Weeks volunteering on the 1989 replica ship Halve Maen, Hoorn. Holland
The original ship set sail in 1609. Captained by the Englishman, Henry Hudson, who was commissioned by the Dutch East India company to discover a North West passage to China.
As they have already found the passage, the plan for the week was to make a new mast from two old ones, alter the knee on the transom to take the mast and add a donkey head. All to fly a spectacular ensign, after which a few rigging alterations were made to test the launch and recovery of the ships boat via the yards. Then at the opening weekend of the sailing season, to entertain the visitors with a series of demonstration, sailing the ship with a bunch of characters from a historical re-enactment group in the harbour of Hoorn.

A weekend of Historic re-enactment displays in Hoorn harbour.  Featuring the Halve Maen ship arriving and departing under sail, cannon fire, the launch and recovery of the ships boat using the yard arms as cranes and the charging and discharging of cargoes by crew in period dress.

Below a few of the characters from the weekends historical re-enactment of a ship of the period. All given titles are suggestions only.

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Richard Sibley

Photographer with a passion for photographing tall ships and traditional sailing boats


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