Statsraad Lehmkuhl – Bergen to Aalborg Expedition

Bergen to Aalborg Expedition 2019
On Saturday 29th July we were briefed by the ships Sergeant and organised into watches, shortly afterwards we departed Bergen in somewhat changeable weather and headed for the open sea

Sunday, we were off the Norwegian coast. After the early sun had disappeared we tacked and the morning watch was called to haul on the main tops’l sheets. By the end of the day we were under fore course, staysails and both lower and upper tops’ls as we headed south towards Denmark and into the night.

Monday, the sun returned and a storm was forecast, we were obliged to furl the fore course and as the wind increased towards the evening our upper tops’ls as well. By nightfall we were into a strong gale

Tuesday we arrived in Aalborg, Denmark. But, not before picking up Haakon Steiner Vatle in the estuary. Haakon had arrived to give us some very animated and instructive shanty singing lessons. He had planned a spectacular entrance for the ship, we were to sing shanty’s from the yards as she entered the port of Aalborg

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