The cover picture shows “TRINOVANTE” competing in the Klaipeda tall ships race 2017

TRINOVANTE, Race start Klaipeda 2017

Named after the Trinovantes a pre-Roman Celtic tribe who lived in Essex, TRINOVANTE was designed by her skipper, John Shores, who had been inspired during a visit to Lisbon in 1983 where he saw the Portuguese Schooner “CREOULA”, that said she is not in any sense a copy or a miniature version of her. The design brief was simply for a three-masted traditionally rigged schooner of less than 24m long with a maximum draught of 2.2m, and a cargo hold forward. She needed to be robust, seaworthy and easy to handle by a small crew but with the ability to carry lots of sail with a stronger crew, she also had to be economical to build and maintain. John spent a year working on the design before the keel was laid in Wivenhoe, Essex, a small village on the banks of the River Colne with a long history of shipbuilding, fishing and sailing. The result was TRINOVANTE launched in 1994. 

TRINOVANTE, Race start Klaipeda 2017

LOA:   24m
Beam:   4.4m
Height: m
Depth:   2.1m
Sail Area:  220sqm





Richard Sibley

Photographer with a passion for photographing tall ships and traditional sailing boats

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